Cyprus Association for Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapists

About us

The Cyprus Association of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists was officially created in February 2015, by 21 founding members and it constitutes the first organisation in Cyprus aiming to set high standards in this profession and to bring together people who are involved in the theory and practice of Cognitive and/or Behavioural Psychotherapy.

CACBP is addressed to all professionals and citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as abroad. Therefore, all information material, membership application forms, the statute of the Association and internal regulations are available in three languages: Greek, Turkish and English.

The Cyprus Association for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists is a full member as well as the only body representing Cyprus in the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT).


Our goals

  1. To actively contribute at the promotion of mental health.
  2. Promotion of scientific research on issues of mental illness and/or health, psychology and behaviour.
  3. The organisation of seminars, lectures and gatherings for the purpose of information in a valid and reliable asset for Cognitive Behavioural Psycotherapy.
  4. Promotion of legal education and professional recognition of the Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists at Pancyprian level.
  5. The promotion and education of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, based on the ways and means, as listed in article 4 and without this being conceived as to lead or a become a part of education for acquisition of a speciallity from qualified Psycologists or other professionals.
  6. The promotion of a code of professional ethics in the field of psychotherapy.
  7. The development of the relations of the Association with related groups, links and assocations in Cyprus and abroad.
  8. The represantion of the Association in public, private, european and international institutions and organisations on issues of psychotherapy.
  9. The represantion of Cyprus in public, private, european and international institutions and organisations on issues of psychotherapy in cooperation with the assent of Mental Health Services.
  10. The promotion of the professional cooperation between all the members of the association as well as with other professionals from the field of mental health.
  11. The promotion of the continuing education and personal development of the members of the Association to the Knowledge base Behavioral Psychotherapy based on the ways and means listed on Article 4 and without such training being addressed in any way as to drive or be a part of training for acquisition of a specialty by qualified Psychologists or other professionals.

Become a member of CACBP

Being a member of a professional association such as the Cyprus Association of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapists can offer, among other things:

  1. Easier access and ability to take effective action regarding the development of the profession in Cyprus and in Europe.
  2. Certification of knowledge and competence.
  3. Participation in moral and ethical responsibility to safeguard the profession as well as the services provided.
  4. Automatic (or with shorter procedures) recognition by other organizations such as EABCT and, therefore, more opportunities.
  5. Registration in authorized proffessional lists, informing the public in search of a specialist.
  6. Updates on forthcoming developments (e.g. conferences, seminars, scientific studies and publications, legislative developments) within the scope of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and psychotherapy in general.
  7. A wide range of opportunities to participate in activities of the Association (e.g. speaker, lecturer, coordinator, support team etc.).
  8. Access in specifically designed groups online, aiming to promote the exchange of ideas, tools and bibliography on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  9. Right to vote and to be elected in any ordinary, or general assemblies of the Association.
  10. Other advantages that the Association seeks to obtain for its members (e.g. discounts to conferences, lectures etc.).
  11. group session

Qualifications & Categories

Basic first degree education related in the field of mental health for at least 3 years × ×
At least 450 hours of training in theory, skills and techniques of CBT as predcribed by the EABCT ( of which 200 hours of training will be provided by Cognitive or/and Behavioural Therapists which have proven education and clinical experience in an agreed postgraduate or curriculum by the association) × × ×
At least 200 hours of supervised traineeship ( Completion of at least 8 cases, of which the least 3 of them are observed by different nature and kept in detailed file. e.g. Therapist file with notes from each session or a video or cd with recorded sessions or file supervision.) × × ×
100 hours of supervision ( from cognitive or/and behavioural psycotherapists) × × ×
100 hours of personal therapy/ self-awareness × × ×
Training for CBT × × ×
Holders of a Master degree MSc or/and PhD in psychology, counseling, social work, psychiatry or another relevant field of mental health. × × ×
Five years of proven clinical practice based ın CBT that covers at least 1000 hours of supervised clinical training which are proven with written confirmation. × × ×
Two letters of recommendation from mental health professional’s knowledgeable of the Cognitive Behavioral skills of the applicant. × × ×
Dealing with issues of CBT (monitoring of educational program/ seminars, teaching, writing of scientific articles etc.) × × ×
Annual Subscription Rates 80€ 50€ 20€ 80€
Application Form Download (PDF) Download (PDF) Download (PDF) Download (PDF)

Organization or Company

Legally registered organization or company and have a responsible administrative structure, consistent with the Association's guidelines as defined by the Charter And the Board of Directors.
Operate as an organisation or company for at least 2 years ×
Annual Subscription Rates 150€ 100€
Application Form Download (PDF) Download (PDF)


In case of complaints you can addressed to the Board of Directors of the CACBP, so that your request will be examined accordingly.

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